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Preparation of Wax

  • A mixture is made out of resin powder and bees-wax along with groundnut oil. This mixture is melted and filtered in cold water. It then becomes malleable solid form. In order to make molds for the sculpture it is made flexible by keeping beside the fire and by immersing it in hot water.

Making of a Model

  • The artist either draws the image on piece of paper or has an image in his mind. This image has got intricate details of the model. All these details are followed strictly according to the sacred text of Shilpa Shastra. The soft wax mixture is used to form this model. The whole wax model is coated with mixture of wet alluvial soil.

Making of a Mold

  • In order to strengthen the model a mixture of sand and clay along with water is applied. It is further strengthened by encircling with steel wires or iron rods. In the entire process runner (additional structure which forms the connection between different parts of the sculpture) part at the base will be left without any coating.

Melting & Casting

  • The entire mold is sun dried for a period of time. It is then heated with low flame. At this stage wax melts. Melted wax is collected and weighed. Bronze alloy which weighs the nine times the weight of melted wax is poured in to the mold. The whole structure is cooled to get the bronze icon.

Chiselling & Filing

  • The whole structure cooled to get the bronze icon. After the mold is cooled the external coverings are removed using locally available tools. At this stage you get an unfinished bronze sculpture. Unfinished bronze sculpture is then chiselled and filed.

 Carving & Polishing

  • Various part of the sculpture from head to toe are carefully carved out. This will include the ornaments and dress on this sculpture. Most of the art lovers prefer the antique finish which is dim and with oxidised colours.

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