Siva is a great master of Yoga and Spiritual Sciences as he is of music and dancing. He is the universal Guru (Teacher who teaches self-knowledge) seated facing south (Dakshina) and teaching the four Sages named Sanakar, Sanatanar, Sanandanar and Sanatakumarar for ever hence called as Dakshnamurthi.

He has three eyes and four arms and one the leg is trampling upon the Apasamarapurusa the dwarf. Two of the arms the fronts right and left are in Gnanamudra (Showing the imparting of knowledge) and Varadamudra (Bestowing of Boons). The back hand holds the Aksamala (Rosary) and either fire or serpent. Apasmara the dwarf under the foot symbolises ignorance, which makes us to lose our balance and consciousness.

He is surrounded by Rishis eager to learn Atmavidya (Self Knowledge) form him. He is the model of the perfect Guru (Teacher who teaches self-knowledge).

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