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Saraswathi 20 Inch

Sarasvati is the power and consort of Brahma the creator. Sarasvati means “one that flows steadily”. She represents power and intelligence from which organised creation proceeds. Sarasvati is considered as the personification of all knowledge – arts, sciences, crafts and skills.

Clad in spotless white apparel and seated on lotus. She holds in her four hands a Veena (Lute), Aksamala (Rosary), Pustaka (Book). Some other objects like Pasa (Noose), Ankusa (Goad), Padma (Lotus), Sankha (Conch) and Chakra (Discus) may also be seen. Hamsa or Swan the carrier of Brahma is also her vehicle. Sometimes she also seen with Peacock as her carrier.

She is power and intelligence. Four arms show her unimpeded power in all directions. The book represents all area of secular sciences.  Veena represents cultivation of fine arts. Rosary symbolise the Yoga of Tapas (Austerities) and Japa (Repetition of Divine Names).  Peacock represents the attraction of the world hence leading to Avidya (Ignorance or nescience).  Swan represents Viveka (Wisdom, Discrimination) and Vidya (True Knowledge).

Finish: Antique

Style: Late Chola

Method: Lost Wax Method

Artisan: Shilpa Guru Rathakrishnan

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Weight 12.46 kg
Dimensions 18 × 8 × 20 in
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