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Shilpa Guru Rathakrishnan “Stapathy” (SCULPTOR)

Srushti Bronze Sculpture -Big Temple Tanjore

L Rathakrishnan

From time immemorial throughout the world our thoughts and beliefs are brought into identifiable forms and shapes. These processes are replicated by the multitude of skilled artisans, sculptors and artistes who infuse life into these objects. Since ancient time statues were made using metal or stone.

One such method for making statues involve the Lost Wax Method using metals such as bronze, copper and other precious metals. This technique has been in vogue for many centuries across Southern India. It is still being followed in Tamilnadu which has been the cradle of South Indian civilization. Thanks to the tireless efforts and the ingenuity of the skilled craftsmen through multiple generations.

Not to mention the least is our own Sculptor, Stapathy L.Rathakrishnan. He has dedicated his life in all these years to maintain our tradition. He was born into a Viswakarma family of sculptors from Thirukuvalai in Tanjore District of Tamilnadu. His penchant into this unique art form took him to Shri.L.Ramasamy Stapathy at a very young age of 12.

His love and passion for the art was instrumental in learning and perfecting the craft of wax molding and casting by the Lost Wax Method. By the age of 20 (in 1967) he mastered Shilpa Shastra and Abhinaya Dharpana.

Accolades followed in the coming years to this humble craftsman who always yearned to be a perfect sculptor in his own right. To name a few in recognition of his skills

  • Government of India conferred the Presidential Award in 2002
  • Recipient of “Shilp Guru Award” in 2007
  • Tamilnadu  State Award in 1979 & 1981
  • Tamilnadu State “Living Treasure Craftsman” Award in 2014
  • Tamilnadu “Kalai Nanmani” Award in 2002
  • Rashtriya Nirman Rattan Award in 1999
  • Gowrishankar Stapathiyar Award in 1999

In order to showcase our skills he was involved in training of artisans abroad as well. He trained local artisans in Malaysia during the years 1972 and 1978. He also sculpted various bronze statues for worship in temples across Malaysia.  He trained them in the art of making Bronze Sculptures. He was also part of the Indo- US cultural exchange program at Boston Museum of Science. He trained Master Artisans in the art of Lost Wax Casting.

The statues created by him adore many homes across the world. It is worth mentioning here about some of his exceptional works here

  • Sculpted all the Panchaloka Vigrahas in 1997 for Sri Skandashramam Temple of varied sizes measuring 4-22 feet in height
  • An impressive Nataraja statue at Somaiya Medical College, Mumbai weighing 1 ton and 9.5 feet in height
  • Sri Sharabeshwarar statue at Sri Skandashramam, Chennai weighing 2.5 ton and 11.5 feet high
  • Sri Ugraga Pretthengra Devi weighing 4.5 ton and 13.5 feet in height
  • Mahameru statue weighing 3.5 ton and 5 feet high
  • An Imposing “Temple Horse” at “Sri Karia Kaliamman Temple” measuring 12.5 feet in height and 7 tons by weight
  • A beautiful Sri Krishna statue at Chitrakala Parichat, Bangalore weighing 1.5 ton and 9.5 feet in height
  • A majestic Sri Chakrathalwar Statue in Chennai weighing 9 tons and 19.5 feet in height
  • A serene Sri Saraswathy statue weighing 1 ton and 4 feet in height
  • Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar statue weighing 1 ton and 2.75 feet in height
  • Recently completed a colossal Lakshmi Statue in Gold weighing 70 kg and also a 1008 Face bronze lamp(Maha Vilakku) measuring a height of 18 feet for “SRI NARAYANI SIDHAR PEEDAM” at Vellore Golden Temple.  All Panchaloka Vigrahas for Sri Sri Sakthi Amma Golden Temple.

And the journey continues………..

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